How to “Flip Property” with “No Cash” and “No Credit”.  Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is.  In this massive expose’ of Wholesaling Real Estate, I am going to share with you a professional examination of this so called practice of “wholesaling real estate.”

For the professional Realtor®:

Wholesaling real estate, aka “assignment of contract” is frightfully easy compared to the skill level it takes to take an average listing.  It takes far less time, and pays far better. For the practitioner who is accustomed to spending endless hours carrying buyers around, wholesaling real estate provides very little “real competition”.

What I mean by very little “real competition” is that the average wholesaler is not prepared for the rigors of the day to day requirements of being a professional investor. They lack the sales skills, and fall easy prey to the simplest of objections.

As such, for the investor who uses this accompanying PDF guide to Wholesaling Real Estate, they will quickly discover the relative ease that wholesaling is for them. The simple truth is… they do not know how to sell, and thus, are very easy targets to gain business from.

For the Professional Wholesaling Investor:

As you can see from the attached PDF, you can significantly improve your closing ratio, your ability to close, and your ability to attract salable property if you simply learn sales skills.

It’s been my experience that you have a unique edge if you choose to use it.  As an unlicensed wholesaling investor; if you are clear on your position as a “principal to the transaction” (aka, a buyer) then you have remarkable flexibility.

Unlike the Investing Realtor®, there is no requirement for you to demonstrate comparables, nor to use a state contract.  It is this very lack of requirement  that you can use to cheaply, and simply upgrade your business  by using these tactics.

As you will see in the Video, the Seller will appreciate it!

Please let me know what you think of it!

For a copy of a free PDF “How to Wholesale Real Estate… Actual Video and Audio Presentations with a Motivated Seller!” then simply click here! 

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

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