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Are you looking for sales training?  Are you a Realtor® who Invests or a Wholesaler looking to get the unfair advantage in every sales encounter? 

The Red Pill Investor is a Podcast devoted to Wholesaling Investors and Investing Realtors® to help them create duplicatable, and predictable wholesaling businesses for themselves… 

This allows our listeners to design businesses based on their terms, instead of their fears! 

The Red Pill Sales System is the only sales system available on the market today specifically designed for Realtors® who want to add Real Estate Investing to their services!

My intent is to teach you a specific, duplicatable systematic way to grow your business to any level you desire!

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The Content is Worth More Than The “Cost!” “I started coaching with Karl a few months ago. The content and service provided in this community is worth far more than what it “costs”. I have obtained 2 deals just in the last month, that I would not have obtained otherwise, if it wasn’t for Karl’s… Read More

Kyle Pettit

There are two kinds of Real Estate Teachers, the ones that just teach and then the ones that teach and actively make a living grinding it out day in and day out. Karl is unique in my mind because he really seems to be the only teacher that allows you to study his sales skills… Read More

Maikai Makena MaiKai Makena

What I Learned In A Short Time… I wanted to take a second and heap some well deserved praise on Karl Krentzel and his coaching. I only coached with Karl for a few months last summer and was a new investor with a couple deals to my name. I had just transitioned to working for… Read More

Jeremy Demers